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Thursday, December 29, 2016
Saturday, December 31, 2016

What is an eCard?

An AHA eCard is the electronic equivalent of a printed course completion card and can be provided to students as an alternative to a printed card. eCards are valid course completion cards and can be presented to employers as proof of successful completion of an AHA course. Like printed cards, eCards also expire two years from the issue date.

Is there a way employers or schools can verify the authenticity of an AHA eCard?

Yes, employers and schools may verify that an AHA eCard is authentic by entering the card information at

Are AHA eCards secure?

AHA eCards are more secure than printed cards. A three-point verification by the TCC, Instructor and student, is required to issue and claim eCards. eCard information is populated electronically by the TCC or Instructor and can only be altered by the TCC or AHA Customer Service by using AHA’s My Cards™. eCards can be easily verified by employers at to prove issuance by a valid TC and Instructor aligned with that TC.

Can an eCard be Printed?

Yes. An AHA eCard can be printed by the student.